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Day of the Moon: Doctor Who Review (spoilers)

"This little girl, it's all about her. Who is she?"

Overall this episode was engaging and well directed, even 'The Pond', who up until now I've had very little sympathy for and Rory, thankfully,  has moved on from bumbling fool to a more intriguing character with some hidden depth.

River continues to fascinate while The Doctor was just fabulous as always. The fatal flaw with this finale was that it just didn't live up to its name and was structurally incoherent, yes we all know it's about time and how dull it would be if it was perfectly linear, but this was 'death by flashback'. Leave the cliffhanger hanging for too long and we will all have an attack of The Silence as we forget what was hanging in the first place.

Confusing? Yes a bit  but not because the viewers are 'stupid faces' but more that structurally, it just didn't work.

 Moffat set up the beginnings of intrigue and impressive creepiness to follow it up with another part of the same but with the added frustration of no real resolution; too many questions left unanswered piled up with more questions and very annoyingly yet more 'not quite as they seem' death scenes.

Has Moffat ever read 'The boy Who Cried Wolf', when someone finally does push up the daisies, we will be grimacing in our armchairs not really giving a damn and wondering what the twist is to bring them back...yawn. And why had Amy, Rory and River been separated and why was Canton pretending to chase them. Too many 'Whys?' Moffat, we need some 'ahhh yes' too.

Not to say it wasn't packed of fantastic shots of  The Silence, particularly as they hung from the ceiling of the orphanage above the Amy's head, the epic ( for beeb) panoramic views of The Valley of The Gods and the wonderfully directed shoot out starring River.

I have to say my favourite scenes were in the old creepy orphanage, nothing beats dollies and rocking horses for me in the spook factor, plus the strange little man Doctor Renfrew.  And the teasing photograph of Amy holding a baby, does she have a baby or not? Is the baby the little girl she almost shot, doesn't sound like even the Doctor is interested to know as he suggests at the end  'going off for some more adventures'...

So in all the confusion, let's speculate the obvious, the not so, and the weird and be as patient as possible that Moffat does resolve some of this.

The little girl can regenerate so she could be the child of Amy and the Doctor, sounds too cheesy but a rivalry/love triangle thing has been over heavily hinted at between Amy and her two male companions. The child could also be Amy's and some of the Doctor's DNA that The Silence had got hold of  hence why they took her baby from her womb. Failing that, going back a bit, River Song did say she had killed 'a very good man'.  Perhaps River is a Timelady? Amy believes the little girl shot the Doctor and  River says in this episode 'Your future is my past' so that little girl could be River Song?

That could make River Amy's daughter?  And even River the daughter of  the Doctor ( no that's too much for family viewing, no girl kisses her daddy like that) sooo enough speculating as I'm sure it will all end up happily ever after.

 In all that muddle, the only thing I think is definite is that Amy is still pregnant in some way or another. To put all these criticisms to one side for a moment, this series has already far outweighed Matt's debut and with everyone bleating 'What, Who and Why?', it is enthralling if a little irksome in places.

The strengths of this episode were the development of key characters especially the weaker ones of Amy and Rory with the use of the ' nano recorders' and the historical references along with the humour around 'Tricky Dicky' Nixon.

All part  packaged  in classic 'it's not all over yet' Doctor lines re  The Silence;

'As long as there's been something in the corner of your eye, creaking in your house, or breathing under your bed or voices through a wall...'

Seems The Silence will be back, let's hope they don't have to draw the ridiculous marks all over themselves next time and realise the nano recorders and camera phone were enough ( plus putting the marks on your face where you can't see them unless you happen to be in front of a mirror is rather silly)

Some niggles at zealous timey wimey over doing it admittedly ... but  next week pirates, you can't go wrong...surely?

If you missed, watch here on iplayer.

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