Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Creep 'New' feat. Nina Sky

Yay finally there's a follow up to Creep's debut feat Romy Madley Croft. The current release is a collaboration with the very beautiful Nina Sky and shows the Creep girls know how to pick their guest vocalists..super lovely with an edge.

They are twins with that, dare I say, 'R&B' thing going on, oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhh,  but the difference is that,  Flax and Dillard of Creep, have produced and spooked it up beautifully. (I would like to make jokes about them both being called Lauren and tag them 'The Laurens' but fear it will end in a stake through my heart) The video is gorgeousness in stylish black and white, directed by Thalia Mavros and of course, these twins have been put in corridors in a horror 'The Shining' way.

Identical and evident in mere flashes, shot with weird gloopy supernatural bleurgh dripping from their hands (or perhaps just good old fashioned blood),  it makes for an interesting concoction for Creep's musical cauldron of spooky beeps and pop mainstream potion. There's a bit too much ohhhhh in places but after a few listens you only hear the quite lovely intertwining of vocals from the sisters against some 'creeped up' electronica. The icing on the cake for any slightly gothish girleeeee, some spooktacular hair, make up and body art action. Thanks creepy girls, when you fall in love with the debut as much as I did, the follow up is a bit 'everything crossed' but I lovelovelove it. So listenlistenlisten while admiring the eye make up to die for...

CREEP - You (feat Nina Sky) from OFFICIAL CREEP on Vimeo.

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