Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The thing that leaves you in the darkness is her...

Austra: The Choke

Waiting oh so impatiently for another track from the long awaited Feel it Break, well I say long wait, a few months really,  the super brilliance of Soundcloud is streaming ’The Choke’. It is quite simply gorgeousness; with softer vocals from frontwoman Katie Stelmanis, it differentiates from the previous releases with a slight hint of Kate Bush but still in keeping with the Depeche Mode- ish backing, it can only be a winning formula.

Austra have caught the darker sound of Mode but not ripped it off in that postmodern way and it’s made all so more interesting with her quite unique vocal range. For those that might find Katie’s vocals a bit over powering sometimes, this one is a little more chilled out.  Someone please put ‘Darken Her Horse’ on there soon…completely in love and adoration so far.

After a depressing and institutionally cruel betting weekend in dear old Blighty, my harmless flutter would go on this as the my album of the year. Austra are supernaturally exciting so get caught up in the spell she weaves with her beguiling vocals and deep synths...enchanting.

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