Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lykke on the Moon and some Computer Magic

It's all about space right now...

It's time for some 'wil o' the wisp' girls to tempt you off the path most taken with their little lanterns. Lykke is on the Moon, yes of course she is... and how well it suits her. 'I Follow Rivers' is one of my favourites from her album 'Wounded Rhymes' and with its definite 60's Motown feel in places, this slowed down acoustic version is rather lovely. Makes you want to get a couple of drumsticks and tap them together in an enchanting way.

Lykke has upped the eyeliner stakes and is looking  darkly and beautifully bonkers in this too, even if for some strange reason, the video is reminding me of  The Shadows guest spot on  Thunderbirds , yes I'm going to link, I'm not scared to admit liking a bit of early Cliff Richard. Stay with me and enjoy Lykke's trip to the moon, it will make you want to put on a mini skirt and some sparkly eyelashes, even you boys...enjoy!

And more spacey music but with a bit more beeping is...

New New Yorker Computer Magic, the electro baby of Danielle Johnson; a curious menagerie of quaint vocals infused with retrospective spaced out sci-fi bleeps. Listen, listen, listen to 'In So Many Ways' for the strange but noteworthy amalgam of otherworldly vocals backed by the cosmos age.  Let's not be afraid to mention the 80's, the intro is scarily Steve Millar Band 's 1982 'hit' 'Abracadabra' but don't be put off and feel the 'hit' love. Definitely melodic and understated synth music, warm and uncluttered and to keep on your radar this coming year.

Currently touring to promote her debut EP 'Electronic Fences' with the help of band members Adam Green and Chris Egan, the quirkiness of Danielle's Computer Magic is resulting in some unusual and peculiarly 70's sounding Apollo 13 orbital catchiness.

A goody from the debut is 'Running' which will prick the ears of Depeche Mode fans with its 'Enjoy the Silence' penchant and the lo-fi loveliness of St Etienne in places. In the rising excitement  for Austra's upcoming album 'Feel it Break', it's good to hear some newbies with 'modey' energy in the current climate where the girls are making waves with a bit more edge and electro exploration.

And finally for Computer Magic, lovelovelove for this track, kind of for its oddity and how it sounds as if she's been hanging out with Lykke on the moon for this one too...quirky brilliance.

Debut EP : Electronic Fences
Electronic Fences
Found Out
About You

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  1. Hahaha. Nice catch on Abracadabra. You nailed it. Enjoying Computer Magic.