Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Impossible Astronaut: Doctor Who

A review from someone who dips in and out of Doctor Who and generally thinks science fiction is written for children…however ‘ahh the moon’ is something I say a lot too.

Well firstly, after catching the last ten minutes of the drugged up nonsense ‘ Don't Scare the Hare’, and suffering a trailer for some very ugly dancing,  Doctor Who was always going to look pretty brilliant, sandwiched between utter bargain basement gameshow TV, good thinking beeb.

 I love Matt Smith although after seeing him in ‘Christopher and His Kind’ I wonder if Steven Moffat is really stretching him, having said that, I enjoyed this first off once it got going. Amy and Rory irritated me far less than in the last series; she’s not fidgeting as much so maybe the ‘Baby Pond’ idea will work. A pregnant companion, well why the hell not, this is 2011 although might have been more modern if she wasn’t married. Or they left Rory dead as all this ‘bringing people back’ is a little tiresome now unless of course it is ‘regeneration’.

The opening sequences were a little messy and could have not been there at all preferably, I kind of liked the invites in ‘Tardis Blue’, mostly as it sounds like a wacky hair colour though. 

I’m still waiting for Amy to grab my interest so thank goodness for that little frizzy haired flickering light River Song aka Alex Kingston who has been consistently good. Yes I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her either but she’s sounds so lovely when she saysHello Sweetie’. Oh and Easter Island statue joke… yes he does River and I think he’s quirky handsome too in a square stone kind of way.

Canton Everett Delaware III had  to be significant, and by the way, the new monster alien thing, The Silence,  seems to be inspired by Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ ironically, but with big Kenny Everett hands…and so dapper too. Loving the monsters.

Overall, not bad at all, Matt Smith was fabulous in a not too mumbly way, Amelia has improved and River Song is brilliant. I jumpy jumped back to her death in the library and the Doctor not knowing who she was…emotional stuff sweeties.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Wonderful with Doctor Moon flashbacks, it might not have been perfect but it’s all looking like it has potential.

Donna’s ginger babies disappeared, Amy has work to do…look forward.

And talking of munchkins, here’s the viewpoint of one, Doctor Who isn’t just for the adults after all;

What I really like about Doctor Who is that it is about Time Travel and Space. I like the sad bits and the happy bits and the funny bits. I know I like it very much because every time an episode ends I cant wait for the NEXT TIME.  

 If you look back at old series and stuff, all of it pieces together I think it’s great! It doesn’t go from like one good plot to something completely different like a lot of episode series like Robin Hood,  you get that and it gets kinda stupid.   

Heres an example, Rose Tyler was one of the Doctor's favourite companions, almost ever in the series, now when she got put in the parallel universe and got stuck there it would be stupid if she was never mentioned again.

I thought that the first episode for this brand new series was Complicated but it makes more sense if you have watched the Library episode with River Song and her Dreadful day...... well I wont tell you anything because you might of not seen it and just started watching! Well that’s my opinion. Goodbye
Eden…aged 11.

I can’t believe a single person missed it but if you did jump here to BBC iplayer.

This is in memory of Elisabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney.


  1. Yay for Nicholas. Shame he didn't get a tribute.

  2. Yes I thought that was a bit of a beeb blooper leaving him off.