Friday, 15 April 2011

Feel the Crystal Fighters love again...remixed and unplugged.

Not that I'm obsessed or anything but...Champion Sound (prone to band crush).

Now the sun has his hat on, perhaps is should be a pointy one fashioned by the sleeve of the brilliant Star of Love and its 'make you want to jump around a bit bonkers music'. 

If you haven't got this album yet, you must, no collection is complete without it. It's the most perfect festival music, and yes, I was at Bestival last year and didn't see them..silly me!  Their current single 'At Home' is beeped up by the  Pony Pony Run Run Remix and this acoustic version is now soundclouding, pure gorgeousness. I lovelovelove this track so a million different versions is fine with me!

Their current tour has been putting them on the map though, once you hear this, you will want to 'swallow'' them up, it's food for your ears...dubstepitty euphoric gorgeousness.

 Or in Sebastian's own words; 'fast percussive slightly folk trancy euphoric building banger with indie tendencies'.   EXACTLY! I would say hurry up with your new stuff you Crystal Fighters...but I still love this months later and it might feel like an overdose of bonkers genius. Beepy or live, they are brilliant so you will want to go 'down down down' to the Plage with them.

Has this been the best year ever for music? And it's only April...

 I've forgotten what my excuse was to blog them? Oh that's it, I finally had something to out bass out my noisy reggae neighbour with. Star of Love won the battle of' music in the garden' on a sunny day mwhaaa haaa haaa...I Love London!

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