Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New IAMX, a bit of Glass Candy, a Phantom and some confusion...

It’s about time for some eyeliner electro again and the beautifully self indulgent angst ridden Chris Corner pulls it off so wonderfully in his solo project ‘IAMX’. This is psychosis on repeat; ‘Nobody can hear you, nobody can hear you…’ but he’s so easy to listen to. We can hear him because with all the tension, there’s some pretty good noise and he’s still making it.

He’s wailing in recovery from the popdom fallout of ‘Sneaker Pimps’; he’s finding his place and melancholically putting together some darker yet hook laden electro, toning down the cabaret and stripping the sound down for a wider audience and getting a bit political.  Lovelovelove for IAMX…jump the hurdles, embrace the turmoil and the haunting.  It’s a pretty good single from the forthcoming album’ Volatile Times’ so listenlistenlisten.

The video has that darkly beautiful noir loveliness that Chris Corner specialises in, surprisingly in this one with an unmade up face giving him an innocence. Alongside the imagery of madness, entrapment with some mostly androgynous dancers, there's something a bit political , of course, the album is 'Volatile Times'; perhaps the 'Ghost of Utopia' is the slave to capitalism, our minds trapped into pursuing what is really fabricated perfection?  I tried,  someone has to attempt to deconstruct these very expensive videos;  it's just brilliance basically so watchwatchwatch.

With a biggup  to fellow blipper Telekon for IAMX alert… released 4th March.

Glass Candy is definitely worth a mention too. This is super catchy and discovered after the electro gothettes Austra  tweeted about them. Glass Candy’s frontwoman is  an electro Kate Bush in primary colours and the boy/girl duo made a brave attempt at Kraftwerk's  'Computer Love'; throw in a ‘Sex Dwarf’ soon please and it will tick so many boxes for me.

Feel the love and listen to ‘Feeling Without Touching’ and then keep an eye out for them. I completely love this video that has been choreographed from the same school of 80's moves The Knife are so expert at. They have been knocking about for a while but gathering a following lately…and so well deserved.

Other news:

 I went to see Phantom of the Opera and it was brilliant even if reminding me I can’t sing or dance and the standing ovation made me feel a little panicky.

My mum bought me a magic ‘Phantom’ mug and my sister was suitably empathetic about the singing/dancing traumas we both suffer. We’ve decided it’s a long limbs thing and then decided it’s still better to be tall… or perhaps I dreamt that?

I was also in an audience in a TV place this evening but I’m not revealing details until I’ve seen it, mostly as;

  1. Not sure how much the teeny tiny (like to think ‘select’) audience were getting filmed…
  2. Had to wear headphones and sit on a very low box in a short dress which is tricky when you have very long limbs ( but thank fuckery there was no singing or dancing required)
  3. Messed up clapping (How easy is clapping?)
  4. Unplugged my headphones by accident and pretended I could still hear what was going on…classic blooper moment
  5. Referred to the Beatles as the ‘Famous Five’… (Enid Blyton is clearly my John Lennon)
  6.  Hang on… I’m quite proud of not knowing how many Beatles there were.
  7. Got told off by Mister Tinkerbell for talking halfway through a track even though he'd already made jokes about wishing he'd put 'Hello Mum' on the bottom of his converse because a camera pointed at his feet briefly, who's the embarrassing one? Will have to wait and see.
  8. Wanted to steal a framed photograph of Kate Bush but resisted as I only had a small bag and I try hard not to be a criminal.
  9. The whole thing was rather surreal in a good way and made more so by tourists taking photographs of a zebra crossing while risking the road rage of London commuters. We barged through those crazy people.
  10.  More importantly, Treefight For Sunlight are sweetheart Danish poppets in impressive knitwear and the experience was definitely worth the running and near fainting on London Underground.

Thinking the graffiti must knock down the house prices in this road? No and it also has a zebra crossing that needs a lick of paint...I LOVE LONDON which is another song from Crystal Fighters so gives me another excuse...

...to continue the love for  unfinished operas and witch hats. Check out this band profile aired late on C4 last week and then dance around to this 'At Home' ( Pony Pony Run Run Remix ) with me, it's my current obsession...too much love.

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