Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Final Act

Being Human: Supernaturally Spectacular


Well lately it has been all music, music, music here again, I haven’t been able to watch another film since the brilliance of Black Swan and I’ve been a bit lazy with the reading so time for some television.

First off, Mitchell is at peace now. A beautiful being that will be missed, however I think it was time for him to go, there’s only so long the battle with the dark side can go on for one vampire. It would have been a Star Wars scale disaster to string this out, so thank you for Mitchell’s very moving and timely demise BBC.

I actually wondered whether Annie should have been left in purgatory at first but then we would have been left with Scooby and Scrappy Doo. This series has such great writers working on it that I’m sure ghost Annie will develop above and beyond the supernatural diplomat and romanticist and I will change my mind; this has definitely been her best so far.

In this finale, George finally won me over, he certainly can do grief stricken, most probably as he sounds like he’s on the verge of tears at the best of times coupled with a strangely high pitched voice for a big man wolf. I think my absolute favourite scene  with him was in a previous series when he started to change in the Primary School, pretty sure I had no nails left by the end of that episode.

I only have two minor criticisms of this end to the series, Nina’s recovery was rather vague and rushed (Annie whispered something to her?) and where on earth did Mitchell get that rather lovely vintage car for the sunset scene that’s now covered in the freshly staked Herrick’s dust? Oh and squeeze one in from last week, how was Annie able to stake a vampire?

Despite these details, it’s all still very watchable and although I enjoyed True Blood for similar themes, Being Human kicked its supernatural ar*se just from the point that I felt more sympathy for the characters; not at any point did I get the tell tale prickly eyes watching Bill or Sookie struggle with humanity.

Annie’s role in turning around Lia was her great scene and I loved the ‘Ashes to Ashes’ style use of televisions throughout the seasons. The self prophesying twist was pretty fab and revealed for me that the wolf shaped bullet was Mitchell himself, the monster within him.To blame Annie’s love for justice, or Nina’s phone call is pointless. Mitchell was director of his own downfall from the moment he stepped on that fateful train and created the gallery of  faces that made up the Box Tunnel Twenty victims, washing 'bits of humanity from his hair for a fortnight'.

Following the Nina cliffhanger was some mean feat for writer Toby Whitehouse but it was pulled off with the dramatic and bloody return of ‘old’ Herrick.

Herrick never really struck me as the top of the vampire league, brilliant character and actor he is, there always has to be an even older one and I always felt there was something slightly homoerotic about his feelings for Mitchell, particularly in the cage scene when he talks of his poster boy and mocks his good looks.While he desires Mitchell as his right hand man, Mitchell reminds him that he makes him ‘vulnerable’. This makes sense with the final staking of Herrick; why didn’t he see it coming? For want a better word, he was a little gaga over Mitchell.

Introducing the new and even older baddie Edgar Windham, teeth bared, veins throbbing and mocking George’s comparison to Herrick was a clever move. Preparing for Series 4, Windham will have some difficult shoes to fill, the writers will have the real challenge especially now Mitchell is gone and the fickle public will no doubt squeal ‘No more!'. Don’t stop watching something because a character leaves, stop watching if it becomes rubbish.

And please BBC, he must be gone now, he better not be one of the many ghosts that are arriving as prophesied by Windham. Returns from the ‘death of death’ sometimes feel like you just changed your mind. Herrick worked but to put Mitchell back together now would be silly.

Setting up the darkness of Windham worked well with his prophesy being the last straw for George, pushing him to free Mitchell with the merciful staking and words ‘I’m doing this because I love you’ succeeding where Herrick’s attempt to get George to kill Mitchell failed. Where will it all go now?

To not mention the soundtrack along with some of the smaller but plot necessary and brilliant characters like McNair and Tom of this great supernatural drama would be a pity. I loveloveloved the letter scene and Tom's part in getting Mitchell and George out of the cage along with the use of this Death in Vegas with 'Dirge',  it was so fitting at the point Nina made the fated phonecall as was Duran Duran's 'Hungry as a Wolf' marks all round.

Although... Dear BBC, is 'comedy drama' really a fit description for Being Human?  There were funny moments but even so...

Aiden Turner is off filming The Hobbit, surely he won’t be an actual hobbit, he’s far too dandy, but  for all the grieving, he’s going to be back on a much bigger screen in the not too distant future.

I'm really trying to resist writing ' John Mitchell RIP' oops too late.


  1. hey.. nice review! i loove being human, and as for where Mitchel got that vintage car...
    i think it's either Heric's car as he and Mitvchel are in it in the prequel:

    or its Ivan's car, because i remember him driving it around alot in the episodes

  2. Thank you, I loved it too! I have series 1&2 on DVD to watch all over again so will keep an eye out for the car :)

  3. I recently discovered this fine series on Netflix- I am REALLY going to miss Mitchell but watched all three seasons in about a week- the evolution of the characters has been incredible.
    Cant wait to see more Mr. Aiden Turner:) can you?

  4. Indeed :) It has been a while since it was shown here now but it will be interesting to see how it continues without Mitchell. Aiden Turner is rather good in another BBC Drama 'Desperate Romantics' if you need another fix. It is based on the story of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, quite different but enjoyable.

  5. IS there going to be a 4th series???

  6. Yes...the 'Being Human' blog announced a fourth series for BBC3 later in 2012.

  7. I don't agree that it was time for Mitchell to leave. Surely, only time will tell. With George leaving too, it will be like starting from scratch. They won't automatically get my attention. They will have to re-earn it.

  8. I actually just started watching the American version of this and find that it is definitely more complete in telling the story. Things that were not addressed in the British version are very clear in this one. I like it. I have to admit that John Mitchells character was much more appealing and sweet, but the US 's Aidan is a darker stronger monster and the producing and acting is very well done.

  9. Thank you for taking the time to comment. What I liked about 'Being Human' was the focus on just that, the struggle with the human side, and not wholly on the monstrous as some tales of the supernatural kind are inclined. As with the loss of George and Mitchell, time will tell if the quality of the writing keeps it going with new characters. Hopefully it won't be another series where you wished they had 'quit while ahead'. I haven't seen the American version so can't comment... hope you enjoy to its finale.