Friday, 11 March 2011

Fever Ray with 'The Wolf ' and new Posttod: Nordic brilliance.

I lovelovelove Fever Ray!

Oh my, people are being mean about ‘Red Riding Hood’ and it hasn’t even premiered yet. Time will tell as it’s released in the US tomorrow and on our shores on the 15th April. It’s suffering with ‘Twilight’ misconceptions; I haven’t seen any of these films so happily, this is passing me by.

So for the good bits, a Grimm fairy tale, Gary Oldman and eerie electronica from Fever Ray on the soundtrack, can’t be that bad surely? Jump here for the trailer but more importantly new Fever Ray, yes, yes, yes! ‘The Wolf’ has spooked up raw percussion and is paranormally icy coupled with her esoteric vocals emulating the howl of a wolf; pure brilliance. This track is every bit to the standard of her debut as Fever Ray where she indulges in the darker side of electro in contrast to her lighter genius as one half of the duo The Knife.

The pounding drums and distorted wildness of the reverb suits the adaptation of this legend of ‘coming of age’ so well. Karin Dreijer Andersson is the Nordic Queen of Supernatural Electronica and is relentlessly full of surprises, churning out a Darwinistic Electro Opera after some years of quirky synthpop.

Although some of her fans are a little dismayed at the mysterious artist doing a soundtrack for such a big production, I’m not at all; she proves again and again that she is completely unpredictable. Jump here for the infamous protest she made for women who had been scarred by acid being thrown in their faces and her way to give them a 'voice'…stunning.

Not only did I get a deluxe copy of her debut for my birthday this week, it was also the day that ‘The Wolf’, that had been dangled in blogland for weeks, finally started soundclouding and youtubing in its full glory...woop woop!

It’s my party and I’ll indulge all I like, here’s another super spooky offering from her…enjoy! Stranger Than Kindness...too much love.

 Other news: EP in 2011

Another mysterious electro duo from Fever Ray’s homeland, Sweden,  is Posttod made up of Kevin Mortensen and Hayk Ananyan. This part of the world really does churn out some high quality music, an endless supply lately with the newbies Niki & the Dove and fab new album from Lykke Li.

Their EP out in 2010 had this gem of a track sitting nicely with a video clip of a pretty fab short film ‘I’m here’ by Spike Jonze. Lots of jumping but do so right here for my original post. This is such a great tune and deserves more attention.

Another favourite is ‘In My Dreams’, quite literally dreamy, synth tinkling away so keep all eyes and ears out for more to come from this duo. Scarce on vocals but then I can never remember lyrics anyway...mesmerising.

     In my dreams by Posttod

A little teaser from them with this new project has a trailer for its demo; the full track can be downloaded here. It will consist of 8 tracks of similiarly laid back electro and will be available for free from itunes and spotify.

The quality of their brand of electro up to now has been tippitytop so very much looking forward to this 2011 EP. Just a demo so far but my initial reaction is that this track is sounding a bit rawer, will wait patiently for more.

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  1. Great post. Digging Posttod. Thanks for giving the heads up on the Fever Ray song.

  2. Hiya Mel hun,

    loving your blog, am finding the music really fab... You have great taste ;o)

    love and bright blessings

    Sheri xxx

  3. Hello Sheri,

    Thank you and glad you like it. If you jump on pagan/wiccan categories there are some witchy posts you may like too. I just keep getting distracted by music recently :) Lovelove x