Monday, 14 March 2011

Austra and 'Lose It'

Coming off the much anticipated debut, Austra are now streaming the second single 'Lose It' and after the stark gorgeousness of 'Beat and the Pulse', they are too good not to keep a close eye on.

 I lovelovelove this new track and getting super excited about the album, 'Feel It Break', coming out on May 16th . Katie Stelmanis has an exquisitely dramatic voice and this track is soooo good; ' in the darkness comes, another another...' her classically trained vocals enchants against the goth electro swirling synths. Listen below or stream away at Soundcloud.

Just pay attention, especially after the brilliance of  'Beat and the Pulse' matched with a wonderfully directed video by  Claire Edmondson.   I haven't been so excited since, oh god, last week? Austra have sounded super cool from the offset and seemingly have a clear commitment to making high quality experimental electronic music. A reminder of the brilliance of the video for 'Beat and the Pulse' below.

AUSTRA "Beat and the Pulse" by domino

Jump to a  previous post for my  take on this video which confronts female sexuality and empowerment head on; topless women dancing can only really be shot by a woman to inhibit any objectification. Jumpy jump again for an interesting interview  Katie did talking about her own sexuality,  its relation to her sound  and the implications for modern music made by gay women.

There's a lot doing this brand of music right now and moving on from the more obvious 'riot grrl' sound of lesbian bands. Very loved and admired for me are Creep and Romy Madley Croft  especially after their wonderful collaboration with 'Days' and the recent cross from the trashy sound to electro with Beth Ditto and Simian Mobile Disco.

The album is going to be an experimental noir pop treat; already comparisons are being made with favourites of mine like The Knife, Soft Cell and Kate Bush; a mish mash of sleazy new wave with Katie's spin being the classical and operatic training, pure love for everything Austra have done so far.

The debut 'Feel it Break' is out with Domino on May 16th...can't wait!

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