Sunday, 6 February 2011

Visions of Trees - Sometimes It Kills

Visions of Trees are the dreamy electronic duo Joni Juden and Sara Atalar and 'Sometimes It Kills' is set for release on Monday 7th February after being the title track on the EP last year.

It has been matched with  this surprisingly bleak video of  urban decay produced by Saloon Films and directed by  Ben Strebel and Lewis Kyle White.  The video jarred a bit with me at first but they do seem to have a unique fusion of urban ambiance going on in their music that lifts you out of the greyness of city life.

The video sort of clashes with the whimsical feel of the track that reverbs Sara's vocals along side a Joni's buzzy synth sound, but I suspect that is the point and it's always good when musicians experiment with these things.

They sounded pretty fab at Bestival last year so it's not surprising Moshi Moshi have snapped up this London duo. Hypnotic vocals and tribal beats...all good good and one of my favourite acts that being newbies meant they were in a teeny tent doing an intimate set. The video certainly grounds you and stops you floating away with the music. After a couple of listens, much lovelovelove...enjoy!

Images: taken by me Bestival 2010