Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Praying Machine

Animation is my new thing...this is kind of cool? Not sure why completely but please do share with me if you have a point to make on this one by whatever means are convenient. Nothing is quite as it seems in this short film, taking place at first on a Tibetan mountain within a temple and moving quickly to a 'gentleman's club',  the final shot is the point.

I think it's all about the 'machine' of beliefs symbolised by the mechanic monk;  the guru is wired up to a belief system and watches the overburdened, crippled woman climb the stairs. Cold and lacking compassion for the cripple, he watches her walk through the door of perfection .' Perfection' dances for her audience, lacking humanity and suffering symbolised by her old self with a blank canvas and flawless body.  The prayers are answered and there is a  return to the overburdened cripple...the truth and the real beauty.

The robotic monk, minus his plugs and the machine, can now freely put out his arm to someone weak. It's all about pimping perceived beauty, speed and fear, a collision of Eastern and Western culture and this has cut us off  from true spirituality. The candles went out. My thoughts anyway.

Tokyoplastic in collaboration with Adelphoi music.

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