Monday, 7 February 2011

Natalie Shau

Beautiful works of digital art and illustration...

I have completely fallen in love with Natalie Shau's work.  A Lithuanian photographer and digital illustrator; it is beautiful, dark, whimsical and erotic and there seems no end to her imagination.

I forget where I first saw it but her creativity spans the fashion and music industries and happily I am now seeing it everywhere. A menagerie of fairy tale and horror that in tradition has always had surreal links; move over Tim Burton.

Now do I really have to pick one? So nice, so difficult, so here goes... gorgeousness!

Natalie Shau could design a beautiful tarot deck,  there are themes for me in her art depicting the 'Wheel of Fortune'  by some variant of the triple goddess. The fates of destiny come to mind for this one, in Greek Mythology, the Moirae and 'Death' appears frequently. My thoughts obviously, I doubt Natalie Shau was thinking of tarot when this was done. Jump on the link below to really appreciate her dark creativity.

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