Friday, 18 February 2011

Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes: album review

After two promising releases from Lykke Li with the singles from Wounded Rhymes, the feisty Get Some’ and the darkly romantic I follow Rivers, this album is full of some pleasant surprises. Lots of layered synths, drums and guitars all topped with the uniquely indefinable vocals of Lykke.

A myriad of sound and instrumentation, she takes you on a journey through loss in love with pounding empowering tracks of encounters with lovers alongside enchanting ballads, all this without being vomit inducing self indulgent. Lykke doesn’t bleat, she wails to full cinematic proportions in her angst.

Wounded Rhymes is full of enduring tracks with so many crossovers; dark songwriting and spooked up percussion and a definite hint of  60’s noise in a couple of tracks like the organ led opener ‘Youth Knows No Pain', the beats of ‘Rich Kids Blues’ through the ever so slight Motown sounds of ‘Sadness is a Blessing’ and ‘Jerome’. The stripped down acoustic ‘I Know Places’ has echoes of the lovelyTonight’. It’s unpredictable but pleasantly surprising as it’s all topped with her Scandinavian quirkiness, unselfconsciously insane melancholy and at times awkward creativity.

The only song I wanted to skip was ‘Unrequited Love’ but as always it could be a grower. Must downloads for a taster I think hmmm? ‘Youth Knows No Pain’, ‘Rich Kids Blues’ and of course ‘I Follow Rivers’. Soundclouding away below is the latest release from the album and it's rather good too...

   Lykke Li - Love Out Of Lust by LykkeLi

Lykke Li is clearly a bit nicely bonkers and pretty fearless, jump here for a short film she did suffering depression after being overloaded with skinny people while living in New York and ‘flippiting’ out over upcoming tour with a new album; a desert, some tribal dancing and a clever person with a camera; why can’t we all have that in our handbags?

And just as a reminder, I hadn't seen this live performance before but it's a bit good...lovelovelove Lykke Li!


1.  Youth Knows No Pain
2.   I Follow Rivers
3.   Love Out Of Lust
4.  Unrequited Love
5.  Get Some
6.  Rich Kid Blues
7.  Sadness is a Blessing
8.  I Know Places
9.  Ladies Love
10. Jerome
11. Silent My Song

RELEASE DATE: February 28th 2011

Download/Pre-Order:  7digital

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