Saturday, 19 February 2011

Crystal Fighters and Nordic Prize winner Jonsi...

The Crystal Fighters have hit my sunshiny ungoth button this week with this super lovely, run in the woods and admit you like The Polyphonic Spree tune. It's a bit hippity hoppity skipstep, oh  it's just good and doesn't need a label, la la laaaaaaa. They fight with crystals, that's just super cool surely?

This has made me feel like Spring, all Tinkerbell and no Goth; next week, I will go all dark and mysterious and claim this post was due to the potency of the full moon and complete lunacy. More importantly listenlistenlisten to the peeps that make good music and fight with crystals. Peace.

When I get out of my bubble of bliss, I will tell you when it's released which to be honest may have been a few years ago for all I know? Once the tweetie birds leave, I will check, pretty sure it's new. What the hell came out of that box? Lovelovelove.

And for more loved up whimsiness...Jonsi won the first ever Nordic Music Prize today, I should check 'hooray' in Icelandic, in fact, I will.  His album blew me away with his Tornado of the most beautiful music. Actually , I've just realised that jollity and celebration is a 'noise' so it's the same everywhere;  YAY ! Do I need a reason to blog Jonsi? Congratulations!


Yes I found almost ten minutes...I hope he's not looking and putting on a bullet proof vest as I blog my super scary fan love.  Just 'go do'  see him live as he is amazing (the drama of that clip is exactly as it is )  and not even I can make up a word for the gorgeousness of his  performance.  No wonder he won that Nordic prize! Too much love.

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