Monday, 21 February 2011

Continuing the Starry Love for Crystal Fighters...

Slow on the uptake with discovering these crossover crazy lovelies, Crystal Fighters album 'Star of Love' was out in the October of 2010. They make a myriad of dreamy pop, dubstep and indie; they marry synths, guitars and percussion, have soo much hair and resemble witchfinders but the result is something quite unique and hard to describe.

 As previously blogged, currently  in lovelovelove with the newly released video for 'At Home', just gorgeousness so jumpy jump on this to watch if you haven't already, it's whimsically perfect.  Sebastian of the people that' fight with crystals' (of course that's his name and his band mate is Gilbert, 'no waaay', and the other one is very quiet Graham plus two lovelies Mimi and Laure ) describes 'Xtatic Truth' as;

'fast percussive slightly folk trancy euphoric building banger with indie tendencies'.  What on earth could I add to that?

They are not just crossing over, they are causing chaos in their genre spanning, in a chill wavy kind of way. Super love for it so far though. Check out 'Xtatic Truth' below, released as a single the previous year but happily is sitting pretty as track two on Star of  Love.

Crystal Fighters appear fearless in their brand of psychedelic Basque electro merged with African beats, dare I say folktronica, although that often makes eyes roll. Reviews of this album vary tremendously with many forecasting failure and even very unfair 'bashing' from the BBC making the accusation that the story behind the band forming;

'It’s almost certainly a lie – but it beats "band formed in garage" hands down.'

I'm not linking because he got the story wrong, the lazy reviewer.  Jump to this below for a decent piece as blogland is where you find the best reviews written by people who genuinely love music and aren't being paid to work to deadlines thus making their writing sloppy and bland.

'Although the album has a few awkward spots (which I prefer to look upon as breathers from having to dance like a mad thing) the majority of its wild psychedelia hits the spot in an entirely enjoyable way.'

Super love for this one too, of course as it's a bit dubsteppy but with plinkity plonk going on too. Definitely worth listening out for so ignore those most probably miserable old 'purists'.

Admittedly when I first saw this on Jools, I had a few reservations but feeling that 'Champion Sound' now. Mimi and Laure allegedly don't sing live (hmmm what's that all about?) however they sit at the rest of the bands feet, quite often blowing bubbles and I think that's kind of eccentrically endearing and maybe code for 'stagefright'. Who knows really? Enjoy! And if you can decipher his first line in the song, let me know...stick with it, it's a grower.

Star of Love was out in October 2010, current release is 'At Home'


Solar System
Xtatic Truth
I Do This Everyday
Champion Sound ( Alternative version)
In the Summer
At Home
I Love London
With You

UPDATE: 2011 has been the year for Crystal Fighters with a very successful tour and huge hit in this summer's festivals. The deluxe edition of Star of Love has been released and is worth buying for the extra acoustic tracks even if you have the original album. I'm seeing them at Bestival in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for my review...can't wait! x

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