Friday, 21 January 2011

An unearthly place for 2011...the return of Polly Harvey, Kate Bush, Bjork, Being Human and add some Balearic disco just to calm our over excitement...

Well it is looking much more exciting this week after the lull of the festive season; Kate Bush is apparently releasing new material, woop woop, let's hope not because she's been naughty with a credit card and is feeling desperate though. Joking aside, this news comes with the return of Being Human ( more cheers) when Ivan so lovingly mentioned her in series two,  jump here for that magical moment ...I had tears in my eyes of course!

And then there's rumours of a return from Bjork who is allegedly half way through recording an album...eeeeeek, things couldn't get better until, deep breaths, the completely lovely Polly makes a come back with another jaunty, unpredictable yet brilliant album, 'Let England Shake' ...exciting times!

Before going into the single release 'Words that Maketh Murder', I have to just mention her appearance on Andrew Marr's show, YES, my most favourite political correspondent (there is no end to my weird favourite people), however when it comes to talking about music, oh my goodness, I wanted to smother him with a pillow to put him out of his misery, the most awkward interview I've seen in ages, made sweeter by Polly's lovely west country lilt...jump jumpy here for it!

And now listen to her latest offering and check out the very cute 'oh bugger, hang on' at the beginning of it, she's so uncool, she's super cool! 7 inch Vinyl with Exclusive B-Side available from the 7th February and New Album out 14th ' Let England Shake'.


PJ Harvey - The Words That Maketh Murder
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 It has very stressy vocals, guitar riffs and talks of  'taking her problem to the United Nations'...but she just does pull it off without the pomp and ceremony of a protest song, yet still makes you think, which is what I lovelovelove about her.

Of course she rejects the political singer label but it does all stink of a bit of an opinion; 'soldiers falling like lumps of meat', 'seen and done things I want to forget'.  In my bid to bring Kate Bush back in, let's just think of 'Army Dreamers' and remember us ladies really do make the most sense!

And now for something completely different... it's late and we all need to relax!

A little trickle of downbeat disco from Athens, this electro duo is crafting a blissed out sound, not dissimilar to Portishead of chilled times gone by. 

Hauntingly laidback vocals and hypnotic beats, Keep Shelly are far from a dance floor filler, more a couch filler watching the sunrise after a long night out...and perfectly so.

The beatitude of 'Running Out of You' is only broken by a slightly bonkers synth bleep noise towards the end, very reminiscent of Air's 'Kelly Watch The Stars'. If I'm honest though, it feels a bit out of place and much like an alarm clock in an otherwise mellow track. It is cushioned full of soothing vocals though with instrumentals to euphorically let your hair down to.

'In Love With Dusk' released just back in November as part of Forest Family Records, is a 6 track EP with ''Running Out of You' leading it. It sets the eerily mellow pace packaged in twilighty Balearic disco gorgeousness. Float away with 'Cremona Memories' for more eclectic electro calm from these newbies; in blustery January, it will give you that warm sunset glow everyone is starting to crave.

The mysterious duo are making electronic music that satisfies the chill in us all, whether that be the comedown after a club, the dinner party or the gentle wake up on a Sunday morning lie in; all a bit lovely really.

As Guardian writer Paul Lester describes them brilliantly;

...think Portishead if they were forced at gunpoint to write the theme tune to a documentary about acid house.'

And in my mind;

' ...think Massive Attack at a pretentious post-grad party when everyone's out grown grunge and just wants to relax without resorting to Snow Patrol...super cool basically.'

The upcoming debut 7 inch single 'Hauntin Me' with B side 'Song to Cheer You Up' is more of the same and with a similar beep mania strangeness in the last part...maybe this quirk will be a grower with them though.

It's being released by Transparent on the 21st February so pre-order now...unless of course the dreamy pop knocks you out so much, your fingers can barely tap tap as you float away in a little blissed out bubble.

Tracklist for 'In Love With Dusk'

1 Running Out of You
2 Fokionos Negir Street
3 Cremona Memories
4 Rainy Night
5 Don't Be Afraid
6 In Love With Dusk


  1. This post is a gem.

    I can't stop watching the PJ Harvey video. It's like seeing an old friend. I had only heard "Written on the Forehead" before this. But this video/song is more like the PJ I spent so much time listening to, so many years ago.

  2. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! And yes, completely agree about the new PJ Harvey track.

  3. I would love to hear from Kate Bush after all this time! Still listen to her old stuff.

  4. Yes me too...I'm verging on 'superfan' when it comes to Kate Bush.