Friday, 28 January 2011

More Lykke...official video for 'I Follow Rivers'.

I'm looking forward to Wounded Rhymes and it's not long now...yay. The video for 'Get Some', the first single released from the album, didn't really impress me much although the track was great.  In contrast, the 'I Follow Rivers' production is simply lovely in a bleak way.  All shot on a beautifully snowy beach in Gotland, Sweden, the perfect landscape for this predatory track.

Starring the 'dark side' Lykke, draped in black, running in snow in high heels and then bare foot (crazy girl), it takes on the look of her hunting down her 'Byronic hero'.  The looks of Swedish/Lebanese actor Fares Fares (crazy name) put me in mind of the classic Gothic love interest of Jane's Rochester; dark, unconventionally handsome with a fatal flaw; just me? Probably as usual...

Fares is prey for Lykke in this melodrama, the lucky chap...directed by Tarik Saleh, it is a reminder of Andrei Tarkovsky's "The Sacrifice", shot in the same mysterious landscape...jumpy jump here for my 'Get Some' review and more jumps for the original 'I Follow Rivers' update if you missed it... and you like jumping of course.

So lots of loveloveloves for this...and of course, this is dedicated to my lovely friend Jessica, the real Gotlandgirl x

The album is out February 28th...woop woop!

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