Friday, 31 December 2010

Ten Fancies of Mine for 2010...

1 It has to be 'A Room of Her Own' a blog inspired by one of my favourite writers Virginia Woolf. It was always meant to be just anything I fancied waffling about, not a diary as such, I hardly ever write about myself. Anyway, if I don't manage to do anything high brow, at least I blog 'stuff' which means a steady flow of scribbling and reading which stops me going mad.

I flirted with tumblr for a bit but decided it was too social 'networky' for my liking and reminded me of the 'book of evil face' but with longer status updates. A like button or faster way to say 'like', basically a 'thumbs up' is fundamentally LAZY! Can you imagine talking to someone and them doing a 'thumbs up' in response; don't tell me you like something, tell me why you like it or at least say 'I like that'. I would say go to the comment box on here but on blogger that seems to be a big old effort of  filling in boxes, moderating it then publishing it, a bit of a procedure and my only criticism.

So good progress in that I write, people read it, I get a tweet response or a lovely email. It feels worth the effort. And a very big thank you to a good friend of mine that nagged me to write for his site and bump started me doing this blogging business...lovelove to you. Little baby steps of progress, hanging on to fences with the odd tantrum along the way.

2  It may not seem a big deal but after years of long hair, I cut it all off and it feels bloody lovely. At first I blamed mercury in retrograde/the full moon/ hormones but now I'm happy with the change. I do miss pigtails but I have just about enough to have very small comedy a pinky red colour of course.

Here lies Melanie, she grew old disgracefully after completely ignoring the 'less is more' argument...pah!

In my head, I now look like this, minus the devil horns as I'm actually angelic of course. And nobody has asked me where my 'machine' is recently or sung 'Cosmic Love' to me on the last train home and thought they were hilarious, not that I don't love Flo of course. Thank you new hair! For more info on Vernon's beautiful image, jump here.

Which has reminded, blog love to  Siouxsie  whose law and commitment to the colour black and nail varnish never fails to entertain me...and where I saw this evil prettiness. Disclaimer..if you watch, I love Morrissey, I'm a vegetarian and the crows aren't real! Sooo cute...there's nothing wrong with the weird!

3  Back to 'like' buttons and lazy contact...Facebook. The year I left it and have never looked back or missed it despite the social melodrama when people notice you've gone. They seem to think you're dead, depressed or missing even though you still have a landline, a mobile, email and a twitter account. If you don't have these numbers and don't know I tweet/blip occasionally then clearly you shouldn't have been on my facebook friends list.

I could write a dissertation on why I think Facebook is evil so will try to be brief, especially as I have 8 more fancies to write about. It's narcissistic, stalker friendly, the contact is superficial, social occasions start to become dominated by it and the need to get a 'hilarious' photograph to share with your friends that shows what an amazing social life you have? Hmmm not over tired, drunk, pre menstrual status updates that generally get you in serious trouble.

On top of that is the moral stance it has taken and big brother aspect of it all.  If you're anything like me, the varied circles you move in can be pretty diverse; put them all in one room with all the opinion/judgement they/you hold,  but you love them anyway...but then allow them to speak freely and overhear every conversation that's being held. No wonder it creates clashes referred to by the deactivation section as 'too many social dramas' shit! Like the Big Brother house, Facebook brings out the worst traits in everyone. So very happily 2010 was the year I was LIBERATED.

4 I tried this thing called 'one hundred new things in one hundred days'. I made it to day ten, not impressed? Well you should be!  I left my comfort zone and cried twice. I tried out 'assertiveness' even though I don't complain officially. I went in a maze and almost had a panic attack, I  left the house without eyeliner and hoped everyone would politely not notice but sadly, 'are you ok?' was the theme of the day. The experiment worked to a point, just being 'mellydramatic'; next year I will sing in a public place and dance the way I feel.

5 rained, it was muddy, the loos were vile, however thank you to my lovely Campervan for making the festival more comfortable and Mister Tinkerbell for making sure I was never squashed in the crowds or landed on my backside in the mud.  No excuse is needed for me to dress as a faerie, well 'Goth Tinkerbell' of course, perhaps one day I will dress as my other pseudonym 'Babooshka'.

Absolute favourite for this weekend was Fever Ray in the Big Top...completely brilliant despite the drunk, dreadlocked crazy man dancing very inappropriately and clearly hearing something very different in his head... and practically on top of me!  It was very funny being back on my little island at a huge Festival and I hope to do it again one day.

6  Chazzstock was another good night at KOKO (formerly Camden Palace of 90's indie club times). A night of celebratory euphoria intermingled with sadder moments; a real roller coaster of emotions from the compare Eddy Temple-Morris and the artists on the bill.

Without being overly melancholic, it was all in keeping with the fun loving side of Charles. Man Like Me were definitely my favourites on the bill that night. And it all successfully launched The Golden Year which if nobody had heard would have increased the tragedy for this young band. So much love for them, I can even forgive Joe's 70's  porn star moustache.

7 Friends...real ones... and festive jollity like me falling on my knees leaving a restaurant; it was the snow, not the wine, honestly! Falling over in your company is mostly an expression of my love for you...or the moon which I am inclined to stare at and fall onto/ into/or over things while saying 'look at the moon tonight'. I have the bestest friends in the world (sob) no names, that's something a facebook application would trick you into doing and would end in a global village drama. After last year's culling of some 'vampires', I now surround myself with complete lovelies that can glamour me any day...mwah x


8 Can I do a blog post without mentioning music? anyway I will condense some gushing into one.Great loves of this year have been Crystal Castles, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool and Jonsi...all fantastic albums and I'm still not tired of any of them.

There have been other tracks/albums dotted about but these three albums stood out, Niki & the Dove most notably so looking forward to more of them. A good year for music and Jonsi...I have too much love for that quirky Icelandic man, his music keeps me sane and grounded basically.

What to choose as favourite video? It has to be the darkly glam 'Celestica'; just gorgeousness and a nice treat with a band that don't really do the video thing. Weird children, graveyard, a hint of a Susan Hill ghostie story, Alice in a nice dress and Ethan smearing stuff all over his face plus a good tune...

What more do you need? Well clearly my next entry, wardrobe items you could not live without...

9 A poncho, the most perfect pair of yoga pants (perhaps I will actually do some yoga one day), a fine shrug, a pair of legwarmers to fill out boots when you have skinny legs plus a pretty fab dress with sleeves that look like wings if you try to dance. All in black. ( I can't dance and I need props even if they are outrageous sleeves)

10 So to really sum up, I  have developed compulsive blogging disorder, made up some new 'mellyisms', written tons, still can't live my life without pink post it notes to remind me to send out the right vibrational stuff, had a few hair/falling over incidents,...oh and Ashes to Ashes, the only thing I've watched this year and not felt I've wasted my time.  I did slightly cry which is top of  my criteria for anything worthwhile I watch, read or listen to...

Of course it was going to get silly in the last few to 2011 and lots of blog love x


  1. Awww! This is such a great post. I'll have to link it on my press page. Thanks for introducing me to Niki & the Dove. Glad to hear you suffer from CBD; I look forward to reading your blog in 2011. Happy New Year!

  2. And yours too...lovelove and happy 2011! xxxx

  3. Wonderful update & great taste in music :) Looking forward to more in 2011 and a very merry New Year to you :) xxx x