Saturday, 18 December 2010

Romy XX ft Creep

Yes, I kind of switched the 'featuring' order as I lovelove her vocals and don't really know who Creep/Deadboy are (guessing you're brilliant though). It's not the single version which is Creep's debut but this is kind of cooooooool...just listen, I lovelovelove! I've heard it twice on the radio in the last week and felt happy; something new and it hasn't got f**king jingly bells on...hooray. In my love for this track, I've lost all sense of grammar and have start making up words in my excitement! Listen to lovely Romy!

The Creep and Romy Madley Croft collaboration is just very dark yet catchy, clubby dance yet chilled. After some investigation this debut 'Days' from the Brooklyn's house duo is being released on Young Turks. Just perfect if you fancy something a bit different from the festive music currently being churned out and especially if you're a fan of Romy's distinctive voice mixed in with some synth noir and dark new wavy guitar. Gorgeousness.

Listen here to the single version, it's rather lovely too ...

  Days by CREEP


  1. XX excellent. This is great. I'm putting it on my Christmas mix!

  2. Yes, I'm completely in love with it!