Thursday, 23 December 2010

My album of 2010...JONSI - GO

I think 2010 has been a pretty fabulous year for music and among the darlings like Crystal Castles and the sadly and prematurely cut short pop career of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Jonsi‘s solo debut ‘Go’ is just breathtaking.

I am completely in love with the slow and ethereal build up of his previous music as Sigur Ros and this solo effort delivers more of the same; prominent drums and lush fluidity resulting in experimental and dreamy music and that’s before you even get to his vocals that are hauntingly beautiful.

Lucky enough to have seen him perform, the epic energy of these tracks transfers wonderfully to his live performance; he sings in English for the most part for this album, unlike in his band Sigur Ros that is mostly sung in his mother tongue. The beauty of his music is that the it speaks to you and the move into Icelandic makes no difference in your understanding of a mesmerisingly beautiful and uplifting sound.

Jonsi Birgisson retains that mysterious air whatever goobledigook he sings in; the uplifting drum of the earth, the pulse of nature and wonderment in tracks like' Tornado', 'Go Do and 'Kolniour' that are instrumentally intricate, full of colour making them accessible and catchy but on a deep and denser level that gives way to the more foot stamping anthem proportions of ‘Around Us’. So now I'm having difficulty choosing a track, here's another! Gorgeousness.

Ethereal whimsies with epic climatic instrumentals; it all sounds hard work but it’s not, it’s just perfection and suits whatever mood I’m in so wins my favourite album of 2010 hands down.

Go was out early this year so just get it and it will make you feel a bit lovely I promise!

1 Go Do
2 Animal Arithmetic
3 Tornado
4 Boy Lilikoi
5 Sinking Friendships
6 Kolniour
7 Around Us
8 Grow Till Tall
9 Hengilas

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