Saturday, 13 November 2010

Whimsically Gorgeous...Our Broken Garden with 'Golden Sea'

Our Broken Garden's very bewitching Anna Broensted has produced an album of whimsical enchantment.  Golden Sea may bring you to the point of haunting beauty or, adversely, it will knock your whimsy socks off to the point you find it intensely irritating. For the most, I found it lovely.

The former keyboardist with Efterklang has gone solo as Our Broken Garden and  put together ten tracks of dreamy paganistic pop, preoccupied with death in places but in a 'new beginning' kind of way; shades of Bat For Lashes, a more downbeat Florence and the Machine, Feist and going back further Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil. 

Of course the 'siren' Anna is distant and mourning in  some of these tracks, otherworldly and melancholic it could only be having been inspired after watching her fellow Dane's Lars Von Tier's movie 'Antichrist'. The simple use of guitar, synth and string, reverberated and sombre will have an acquired appeal for fans of Scandinavian peers like Little Dragon and Fever Ray with its earthy yet other realm element.


Lyrically it is very 'Bat For Lashes' with tales of wailing moons and tears, sea mists and lakes...these are tracks of blissed out sobriety, mixed with some grandiose piano tinkling on the edge of classical, especially with 'The Departure'

The unsettling mysteries of this music have been described by the BBC as 'music goths shag to' I would link to the appalling review  but it was so badly written, I can't be bothered. Interestingly 'new musical mainstream',  NME, love it though; it really is one of those you have to listen to really and make your own mind up. 

 You couldn't possibly criticise the wafting beauty of Anna's voice, even if on the odd track, the mix of musical genre is too busy at times with the  likes of  'Garden Grow' and 'Nightlife', detracting from the heart of the song...time will tell if they are growers though.  The Dark Red Roses is just magical on first listen...

'The Buriel' is worth checking out if you're at all School of Seven Bells inclined, you just' floaty' away quite nicely for it. Strangely the only track so far to have an official video is 'Garden Grow' a bit Goldfrapp circa folktronica phase, but I'm going to politely ignore it as I found it a bit clumsy.

 From the marching drums of 'Warriors of Love' to the the spooky electro pulse of 'Seven Wild Horses' no youtube clip so  for this one but 'thank you' soundcloud..jump here for this which is just lovely...  


Grandiose in every way...with strings, with keyboards, piano, guitar, ethereal melancholy and Nordic nature inspired melodrama, it's otherwordly loveliness. My absolute favourite on the album has to be 'The Fiery and Loud' ...enjoy for the whimsy overdose.


Was released on the 18th October on Bella Union... buy buy it fellow fanciful peeps!

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