Monday, 29 November 2010

Niki & The Dove – DJ, Ease My Mind/Under The Bridges

An absolute favourite for me at the moment and blowing off the radar any recent release are the discovery of this new Nordic  pop trio. Catchy and experimental with some strangely and beautifully choreographed videos, this is enlightened pop for those that like some serious knob twiddling and avant-garde loveliness.

Niki & The Dove’s current and second release ‘Mother Protect’ is just gorgeous, rewinding back a few months to highlight their debut 12” back in August seemed a must as it may have passed a few by. This would be such a pity if you’re a fan of The Knife’s brand of electro as they certainly seem to be in the league if marginally more accessible.

 It might seem too easy as they are Swedish and Malin Dahlstrom ‘s vocals sound so like Karin Dreijer Andersson’s to compare them with the genius of her tech pop; I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Fever Ray but I think Niki & The Dove have cleverly tapped this audience and hallmark electronica without sounding like a rip off.

If ‘Mother Protect’ made you spine tingly, ‘DJ, Ease My Mind’ will no doubt do the same, enchantingly beatific without being sentimental, coupled with pulsating beats and layers of synth gorgeousness marrying a naive simplicity in the track as a whole. The acrobatic flare in the video cannot be watched without being wowed. You will be left looking for the invisible string they must have used to dalliance in mid air with such perfection in footage that looks like it was made around 30 years ago.

 For the b-side of this debut, Under The Bridges, you get around seven minutes of electro bonkersness drawing you in to the video with some some heavily choreographed footage from a Swedish dance company. Again this reminded me of The Knife and their marriage of performance art and music with the genius of their Darwinist electro opera and The Colouring of Pigeons.

Niki & The Dove do it in a mildly more mainstream way unlike the fearless peculiarity of  The Knife’s projects which you just can’t ignore and I  lovelovelove...

The debut 12” was out on Moshi Moshi August 30th and  the current gem ‘Mother Protect’ is out now…if you like some innovative pop and want to avoid the vacuous festive rubbish in the charts we are about to be subjected to ( naughty boys HURTS and COLDPLAY) , you need to keep an eye out for Niki & The Dove

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  1. This is fantastic. I'll be spending a lot of time with Niki & the Dove.

    I love the DJ Ease My Mind song, but sadly, I've had bad experiences with DJs trying to read my mind and play me songs, and I'm done with all that. But an amazing song (and video!) nevertheless.

  2. Fantastic songs. I will be spending a lot of time with Niki & the Dove. Very similar to Fever Ray, but not annoyingly so.

  3. Agreed...Fever Ray is unsurpassable for me but very happy to have bumped into these newbies!