Thursday, 11 November 2010

A little reminder... Tying Tiffany with Peoples Temple

It’s time to introduce some ‘eyeliner- electro’, code for ‘goth’ of course, but don’t stop reading pop tarts. I reviewed this a while back for music site  Electronically Yours but thought with the new release of the second single 'Lost Way, a little reminder and some updating might be due.

This third album from the beautifully provocative Italian Tying Tiffany has some wonderful tech pop gems but be warned, her  previous albums should come with a 'eurotrash' warning for some tastes so skip straight to Peoples Temple.  Resurrecting the sounds of Bauhaus, The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux, it has ditched most of the guitars and bought things up to electro speed for 2010 . Throw in some Depeche Mode with her vampish beauty, how could you resist?

The album kicks off with ‘3 circle’, Bauhaus fused with Siouxise...lovelove it and a great opening to the album. Moving on to track 2 ‘Storycide’, it sounds like something off of  Mode's ‘Violator’ in places,  confirming that only the ladies should dare to try this with too much male electro lately sounding like diluted Gahan/Gore. ‘Lost Way’ is synth heavy loveliness, upbeat but still feisty and for ‘One Breath’, someone clearly dug up Pete Murphy for guest vocals, Tiff comes in sounding very Toni Halliday from Curve with this curious mix.


‘Still in my Head’ is unashamedly sounding like The Cure but sexier, although that’s not hard really, sorry Robert, sexy you will never be, however biggup for latest collaboration with Crystal Castles.  Jump here if you haven't heard it Crystal Castles ft Robert Smith .

Back to Tiff now and disco electropop beep beep for ‘Miracle’, if some of the tracks are too goth synth heavy, this one should grab your pop electro ears and ends with a hint of Mode’s ‘Enjoy the Silence’ too. ‘Cecille’, sounding like Curve mixed with Lush and a touch of Garbage, is basically fiery lady electro,  none of this girlie 'Little Boots' nonsense.

‘Borderline’, no don’t get excited, it’s not a Madonna cover but it’s great anyway! It starts sounding like Ladytron and then the Siouxsie element jumps back in, another track more on the edgier end of pop. For ‘Ghoul’, Tying Tiffany pulls off the femme fatale pop brilliantly and the album ends with ‘Show Me What You Got’ sounding very Chicks on Speed, what a great way to end.

Tying Tiffany has had a varied musical history, however, with this year’s Peoples Temple, the act seems to have found its niche. It could be argued that her success lately is due to a certain kind of 'following' being an ex fetish model, however, it looks like things have moved on a bit  and the music is taking more precedent over that for this album.

 I highly recommend this one for any fans of darker synth pop.  Check out 'Miracle' below, sadly the video doesn't include the vampish loveliness of the lady herself but it's not bad.

New single and video out 'Lost Way'


Ditching the thrashy ‘suicidegirl’ look for a more stylish Ladytronesque video, Tiff is subtly sultry in a metallic dress. Looking a bit of a dominatrix in a harmless pop Alison Goldfrapp kind of way with her dancing girls, the track ‘Lost Way’, I think shows a classier, more polished direction while keeping within the boundaries of darker electronic music.

The video is shot in cold sterling tones giving a space age futuristic feel so if you feel like a foray into the dark side of electronica, check out the crunchy synth heaviness of ‘Lost Way’ goth gorgeousness. 

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