Friday, 8 October 2010

Esben and the Witch, Our Broken Garden, Man Like Me

This week's main event has been a trip down memory lane to Camden and a night out at KOKO formerly Camden Palace. A great charity event night for the late Charlie Haddon was had at this fabulous London venue. I've already reviewed it here so won't go in to too much detail but for the final time, just go buy Ou Est Le Swimming Pool's fantastic debut 'The Golden Year', trust me on this!

This isn't just a music blog even though it's looking that way recently so do hunt around a bit on here...but for now, back to sounds again! I was so impressed with Man Like Me at this event, another promising band from Camden Town. I'm not sure I would buy the album, but 'live' they were very entertaining. Check out this in session youtube video. Their official videos are a bit cheap looking and don't do them justice them really...but newbies and unsigned, you kind of expect that. Keep an eye out for them.

I was also very impressed by KOKO, nicely red and black so aesthetically pleasing for me, they didn't over fill it for this charity gig, which was a relief after being almost squished to death watching Fever Ray at Bestival. Flashbacks to university days added to the nostalgia of remembering the indie club nights there, further enhanced by the annoying squeezy plastic pint glasses...classy! And I'm so 'un rock n roll' these days, I was just so happy to see bins for them!

Flicking through NME earlier, Esben and the Witch sprang out,  I wonder why this band have eluded me so far? Sounding very Siouxsie ish and kind of dark, I likey like them. Not the prettiest video in the world but making a point, their new single 'Marching Song' is a goody. Check it out...released on 11th October.


Another new discovery are Our Broken Garden, absolute gorgeousness and on my ever growing list of 'must have' albums...will be getting this along with Jonsi to overdose on the dreamy whimsy...enjoy!

Finally,  I was so pleased to get a tweet from Eddy Temple-Morris to say he liked my Chazzstock review.  Lots of tweet love for him for bothering to read it!

Good times!

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