Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Likey Some Lykke Li?

There seems to have been a real buzz around the release of Lykke Li's new single this week and quite rightly so, as having listened to it, it is instantly infectious with a new edge to her dulcet yet powerful vocals.

'Get Some' is the first single from the soon to be released second album and it is every bit as good as tracks like 'I'm good, I'm gone' and 'Little Bit'  from her 2008 debut 'Youth Novels'.

Launching in to an unrestrained drumbeat and a clamoring chorus for this invigoratingly catchy track, Li exudes confidence and control in her bid to reclaim words like 'prostitute' in her lyrical attack on gender politics. Lykke is the authority in this with the dominating theme;

'Don't turn away, this is my time,
Don't make demands, I don't take none,'

And following this with a complete turning on its head of who is the prostitute and who is doing the 'giving and taking' in this musically charged confrontation with the line,

'I'm your prostitute, you gon' get some'

Without getting too fixated with the words though, this is a great come back from the Swedish songstress and I'm very muchly looking forward to adding this album to my ever growing Nordic biased collection of late. The feisty 'Get Some' contrasts well to the more chilled b-side 'Paris Blue' and both can be downloaded for free on her website...


It will be interesting to see the official video for this single when it comes out but for now, here's one that so far hasn't been taken down from Youtube, fingers crossed,  but if the label tight arses do remove it, you can hear it here...  NME's ten tracks you have to hear this week

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