Sunday, 17 October 2010

Latest band crush - Man Like Me

'Oh My Gosh', Man Like Me have been my ‘band crush’ since seeing them live a couple of weeks ago at Chazzstock. Front man Johnny Langer is such a bonkersly brilliant entertainer and these guys really stood out in the line up, if for nothing else than making an entrance on stage with Lidl shopping bags! 

Now becoming part of the commercial machine, they have done a quite fabulous poppy cover for the current Ikea advertisement.

There’s been some ‘handbags at dawn’ in the youtube comments as to whether it’s better or worse than the original 1980 Jona Lewie hit, but who care’s really? I don't know the original but the appearance of Lewie himself in the video validates it for me. An Ikea advertisement may not be the ‘height of cool’ but hopefully this will give them some exposure and get them signed to a record label, someone please?

These North London boys are just so brilliant and not really what I would normally listen to especially with the two tone trumpet thing going on in some tracks but this is such a hooky pop cover of the original Lewie track and all their songs are packed with dark humour. Also check out ‘Oh my Gosh’ and ‘London Town’ for some more Burberry baseball cap comedy genius mixed up with some brilliant synchronised dance moves. 

Anyone that can entertain me for four minutes singing about fruit has to be something special, 'Donut' and 'Single Dad' just oddly draw you into a newbie band who are definitely about to make some noise.  Man Like Me have to been seen live to fully appreciate them...Oh and more people need to hear their ‘These New Knights’ Ou Est Le Swimming Pool cover too if anyone’s looking.

'Roll up, roll up' for this live in session clip of 'Fruit'...lovelovelove them!

Image: Man Like Me: taken at Chazzstock by me