Friday, 24 September 2010

The Naked and Famous, Little Dragon and a poncho...

Having run out of things to review right now, it's time for some fancies. I won't be blogging my every waking moment on here but perhaps on a Friday, I will share a little of my week; let's see how long I can keep it up?

First half of the week involved lots of bed, not the fun kind, the flu kind which was very boring, culminating in a huge headache all day Wednesday and recovery on Thursday. So it's been a short week really. 

This is my favourite time of the year being the start of Autumn though so despite all the sneezing, I've been feeling that season turn...and a good excuse to shop a bit for some new clothes and think about Samhain which is another favourite festival of mine...witchywoos and pumpkins and the perfect time to buy a new broomstick without people giving me funny looks!

I have two new books to read, reviews coming up of course, the new Niffenegger, of 'The Time Traveler's Wife' fame which is a ghostie story and fabulous so far ' Her Fearful Symmetry'. It has encouraged me to pick up an old story I was writing a few months back so 'inspiring times'! A first for me is a book by Naseem Rahka called 'The Crying Tree', no idea what it will be like but was attracted to the title so watch this space for a verdict.

Other news, hmm due to illness I watched television this week ' This is England 1986', oh bleurgh, left me with the same feeling the ten oclock news does, dispondent and wondering how everyone just keeps plodding on through life's crap... come on 2012 please! Not the Olympics, spiritual enlightenment of course! Was greatly cheered up by Mister Bill 'lovely' Compton of vampirey blood/sex/bits of bodies 'True Blood'.  

I'm now the proud owner of a poncho...and in the words of Vince Noir ' It's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho' which is why I wore it all morning after waking up as the mardiest Melanie on the planet, god knows why? Moon or hormones? Some comfort blanket style clothing magic and The Naked and Famous new single have made me feel much more Friday 'ish' ...enjoy!

Oh and I've written some strange poems this week, a bit on the dark side so will be hiding them amongst my fancies at some point!


And it looks like I'm attending Chazzstock as two tickets have just been pushed through my front door, have no idea what that will be like? Will keep you posted on that too. Happily Fridays all round, here's some Little Dragon, lovelove this lady's voice!


And Breaking news...I haven't blipped for over a week! Sorry loyal listeners... I need to sort this out!

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