Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fan Death - Reunited

Fan Death is the electro collective, Dandilion Wind Opaine, Marta Jaciubek-Mckeever and Szam Findlay, definitely ones to watch with a debut album full of whimsy art pop.

The chosen video is 'Reunited', a wonderfully bonkers impression of 'Little Red Riding Hood' dodging wickedness, stopping off to impress you with some eccentric dancing, not dissimilar to that in the video for Mode's 'Halo'.

After catching the eye of Prince in her 'raspberry beret' and bumping into Adam Ant on a skateboard, you can't help but keep peeking at the whimsical images; a fairy tale meets rock dressed in an electro beat. Spot the 'looky- likeys' in this who consist of the girls' idols; once you notice Martin Gore, you will forgive the dalliance with Axel Rose.

Dead Fan

Quirky and fantastical sounds are to be expected from this debut album 'Womb of Dreams'.

Dandelion and Marta have big voices and with the music ranging from fun to eerie on this debut, it's definitely an interesting project.

Put La Roux, Florence and Natasha Khan in a blender, add some strings and disco beats with some silly dancing and you're still only 'just' there. 'Womb of Dreams' is released by Mercury Records in the UK on the 30th August.

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